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T8 Tube Light

T8 Tube Light

P rodu ct number : T8 5630 Length and Watts : 1.2M--18W,0.9M--15W,0.6M--10W Body Material :Aluminum, PC plastic Input Voltage:110-245V/170-245V Lamp beads : 2835 Packaging Materials:Box Specification: 18W:L:1200mm, ∅ 16mm/76 beads 14W:L:900mm, ∅ 16mm/60 beads 9W:L:600mm, ∅ 16mm/40 beads amount...

Product Details

Product numberT8 5630

Length and Watts1.2M--18W,0.9M--15W,0.6M--10W

Body Material:Aluminum, PC plastic

Input Voltage:110-245V/170-245V

Lamp beads2835

Packaging Materials:Box


18W:L:1200mm,16mm/76 beads

14W:L:900mm,16mm/60 beads

9W:L:600mm,16mm/40 beads

amount per box30

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